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► Name: Konoka Konoe
► Canon: Mahou Sensei Negima
► Age: 18 (She is taken from a point between 353-354, a time skip that denotes much of their class has been dealing with magical incidents during that period.)
► Personality: First established as a foil to the manga's main heroine Asuna, Konoka is cheery and easygoing compared to Asuna's more aggressive personality. The beginning of the manga paints her as a good friend to Asuna, one willing to offer advice on her roommate's attempts to woo their former teacher Takahata. She generally likes being helpful period; she frequently cooks breakfast for both Asuna and Negi throughout the series, to the point the young teacher points out she would make a good wife (this is Japan, so bear with me). 
She is not above taking the easy way out if she doesn't see the harm in it. Compared to most students Konoka prefers skating to school rather than running. The same chapter that Negi says that she's a wife also revealed that she has a habit of running away from marriage arrangements, often trying to escape her grandfather's well-meaning but horribly mistaken attempts to find her a husband. Given that she doesn't seem to get in very much trouble for doing so, Konoka probably kept it up as it was the fastest way to reject her given suitors.
We see her first sign of angst when she finds herself opposite of her childhood friend Setsuna. As the class takes a field trip to Kyoto, Konoka spends a lot of the arc trying to reconnect with her, and the initial rebuffs had caused her grief well hidden enough that not even Asuna knew about it. As part of being helpful, Konoka will try to avoid showing negative emotion unless out of surprise or to help prove a point. Given enough cause, however, Konoka will prove herself to be quite driven and persistent, as once Setsuna had rescued her from a kidnapping attempt, she began to redouble her efforts to mend her friendship with Setsuna (who was harboring a crush and felt guilty about it, hence her isolation). Once that succeeded, Konoka and Setsuna became inseparable. She can be somewhat possessive about this; if they're split for some time, Konoka will not hesitate to launch a hug on her once they've reunited, sometimes even converting to piggyback. It's reserved for those she truly cares about, as only Asuna and Negi have ever gotten hugs, and neither to the level Setsuna has. Her much stronger feelings towards Setsuna are much more subtle and often are hinted rather than expressed directly (though there was that one incident with the love candies, which caused Konoka to practically glue herself to Setsuna's midsection and declare her love).
Konoka is both diplomatic and impish, often in the same stroke. When a childhood friend of her teachers threatens to drag him home, Konoka was willing to fake a phone call with an older cousin to mollify her. Class arguing on who gets to bathe Negi because he hates baths? Konoka will pass out the tickets. She does get swept up in the general excitement that Class 3-A does, as she is rarely the voice of reason whenever the class is discussing Negi. Being diplomatic comes more easily to her whenever she's not already panicking due to classmates or excited.
She also has a notable romantic, slightly naive view of the world. As mentioned above she can get caught up in the speculations of Class 3-A, which included rather fantastical visions of an old kingdom they were to visit (Konoka had hoped for fairies). It's this view that allows her to be friendly to beasts and other things that might otherwise be hostile to her, like a rampaging dragon stopped by a ninja friend. Part of this comes from her abilities to heal, and she shows a strong desire to utilize this power however often she can. 
On occasion, she is not above anger. She had shown some mild annoyance at her father's smoking habits, but trapped with the hero Jack Rakan, she exploded at him after her pleas for action had only been met with attempts to charge a fee. However, this level of anger is rare and isn't seen any other time in the manga. 
► Monster: Fairy
► Abilities/Powers: Konoka seems to have vast magical power contained within her body, said to rival the Thousand Master, the strongest mage in the series. However, she much prefers to use this type of magic for healing, and much of her training is honed as such. Her main method of healing is through her pactio card, named Regina Medicans. They grant her a pair of fans that allow her to cast healing spells that can cure any wound that’s less than three minutes old (they also change whatever she’s wearing to an omyouji outfit, if she cares to use it). Should she need to save someone from a fatal wound, she can invoke the card at full power, which her soul will literally pop out of her body and wash her magical power on the afflicted to undo their wounds. However, it is draining and she can’t use her spells afterward.
She also has basic competency in magical casting, able to use minor healing abilities, basic offensive spells (coming in the flavor of magical arrows) and some form of object-lifting telekinesis. Though she had interest in fortune telling, she has not shown any actual ability there.
► Personal Items: 
-Moon-shaped practice wand
-Pactio card
-A backpack with a change of clothes

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